Josephine's Joy, Inc.

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Josephine's Joy

Susan Young, President

Josephine was my mom and best friend. Josephine's Joy Inc. is a grass roots 501 (c) (3) non profit charity organisation dedicated to individuals suffering from Alzheimer's.

Josephine's Joy's purpose is to benefit those who love music, specificly bringing familiar music to the lives of dementia Alzheimer's diagnosed patients. We personally customise each Apple iPod Shuffle or mp3 player with their choice of several songs.

My mother's love of music inspired me to make one for her. After loading an Apple iPod Shuffle player with songs from various periods throughout my moms life I placed it upon her, she began to smile, sing along, and her eyes sparkled.

I decided to dedicate my resources to making the lives of those with Alzheimer's a little brighter because of experiences with my mom and the happiness she seemed to enjoy. Apple iPod Shuffle and mp3 players provide a tool for a better quality of life.  Our Mission Statement will further explain what we do here.  and with your help, maybe we can bring a little joy and happiness to the lives of our struggling loved ones.